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What began as a restoration project and hobby in 1985 has now evolved into a third generation family business, now owned by Tom & Amanda, the second generation Yules.  Bob and Levina are very active in the day to day operations here ‘at the farm’ and the 3rd generation grandkids pitch in where they can. 

The decision to start stocking a few Healey parts for other enthusiasts so long ago has become the basis for what now stands as a flourishing mail order parts business as well as  busy repair and restoration shop.  

Tom keeps the shop running smoothly with all the Healeys that come through for service or restoration.  Amanda keeps the business flowing with taking care of parts orders, inventory and answering calls and emails.  We keep Bob busy with helping out in the shop with engine rebuilds, gearbox overhauls and carb re-building.  If you’re looking for parts, any one of us would be happy to help you!  We are truly a Canadian family business!


Our shelves are well stocked with any part you may need for your Healey – big or small!  We carry parts for both all models of ‘big’ Healeys as well as all Sprite models. We import weekly from our trusted suppliers in the UK and from other sources around the world as needed. Orders for in-stock items are shipped the same day to our customers so you can get the parts you need as quickly as possible!
Combined with efficient, friendly service, advice and quality parts, Autofarm Ltd is your Austin Healey destination for parts and service.

If you’re looking for a meticulous and detailed restoration, look no further.  Please visit our recent restoration projects in these photo galleries. Complete with before, during and after photos, you can see the steps involved and the quality of workmanship we provide to our customers.

Restorations usually take from 18 – 24 months depending on the complexity of the project and what your particular needs are.  We are currently involved in several restorations, so there may be a waiting period longer than the estimated time indicated.  Please contact us with your specific needs and vision for your project and we’ll be happy to discuss options with you.

Other Services

Here at Autofarm we specialize in supplying parts for Austin Healeys as well as every day maintenance requirements.  We have a full inventory of parts for “Big” Healeys as well as Sprites.  Restorations are also a large part of our business and we generally have several projects underway.   From the basic maintenance needs like oil changes and tire installation, to major work like engine, gearbox or overdrive rebuilds, we’re happy to help you.  We offer enclosed trailer services to move your Healey, services to help sell your Healey as well as everything from installing a new interior to tidying up your boot.   If it involves a Healey, we’re here to help!

Austin Healeys For Sale

View listings of Austin Healeys (and a few other British cars) currently for sale and cars that we've helped facilitate the sales for.

Shop Online For Parts

Our web store is full of Austin Healey parts - over 8,000! We are working on adding Sprite parts online too and have stock of many parts you may need! Same day shipping for in-stock items. We'll be happy to help locate any parts you're having trouble finding.

Austin Healey Appraisals

Wondering what your Austin Healey is worth? Bob is a government-approved appraisal specialist. Check with us for more information.

We'd Love to Help

Whether this is your first restoration project or you’re a seasoned Healey veteran, we’d love to chat about your car and your needs!

If you’re looking for something that you haven’t been able to locate on our site, please head on over to the Contact page to find our contact information.

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